SeptemberMonthly selection

Fabien Voileau

→ Born 1984. Paris based. Fabien is a french photographer. His work depicts a love of the great outdoors and a passion for intimate portraits. Raised near the French coastal town Nantes, Fabien has kept a deep connexion to the ocean that leads him to work frequently in Australia, California and French Basque Country.

Anusree Pillai

→ I am Anusree Pillai, a Self-taught Portrait Photographer from Kerala, India. Light and colors play a significant role in my photographs.


→ My name is Sergio. I am 28. I was born in Russia. Started traveling at young age, always had some sort of camera with me, mostly film cameras.
At 12 years old experimented with my first digital camera and then at 14 I took classic photography course in the evening school.

Anton Tevajärvi

→ DOP & Photographer from Helsinki, Finland. I love moody vibes, so I try to create them.

Dastin Poloczek

→ Dastin was born in 2001. He is a filmmaker and photographer from Germany and currently based in Cologne.

Bogdan Ianosi

→ Bogdan Ianosi is a professional ballroom dancer and trainer with a big passion for photography. He was born in Romania and living now in Germany for more than 10 years.